03 November 2014

Who's gonna solve your problems?

I'm back to my blog after a good while of enjoying my time juggling among traveling and music practices other than my yoga schedule.

I especially love approaching year end, that's when i would deliberately slow down my engine from my work and pre-occupy myself with the things i love to do. 

First of all, being able to put in more time for my own practice is already a great deal; that's not all :P---- I did make a quick hop over to Shanghai, just gonna beat myself up for not extending my stay! 

...and sneaked to Anilao for an awesome dive experience ( the people are just too nice!) 

I've been heading for music practices for an upcoming concert this end of November with NovoWinds, so excited for it.

Finally, my luggage is filling up for very look forward stay in Mysore, getting time off for self-practice & advancement is sure a luxury for any yoga teachers.

While swirling in the midst of a chaotic schedule for the past few months, i've been criss-crossing many different paths of people i met and insightful conversation exchanges.

Once my music conductor briefly mentioned this sentence during a practice:
" If you realized, we often get super lost during our rest bars. When we are playing, we hardly get lost. Please be extra attentive & be with us during your resting bars." ~ Xaven

I totally have to agree with him-- as we tend to depend the other playing instruments for the next entrance to play--- unless we are very very familiar with the piece, 99% chance of getting lost and get messed up!

So, we practically put our duty as an individual musician to the others.

What the conductor mentioned actually reminded me of the many students i've come across,
who constantly seeking different therapists, doctors and teachers over the years for solutions. ( and how some therapist literally was running away from them)

The issue lies in the refusal to claim responsibility of their own problems. Every health professional that they met, they will be ready to  throw their baggage off-- expecting others to solve problems created by them. 

All solutions sit in the problems. 

Only the creator of the mess will know how the best way to clean it. 

Umpteenth times of yoga practices, shows us that whatever happens in the practice, be it the many falls, the ups & downs of emotion roller coaster rides, the flow of the many thoughts, those distractions, injuries, bruises, heaviness.... its part of us.

To get pass all these with full acceptance is not easy, but that's the way to the next step of making peace and dissolution.

The acceptance to see ourselves through the lenses of those identities we refuse to look at--- takes a lot of courage.
And taking ownership of our duty of taking care of what should be done, is the start of work.

In music, we ground ourselves with the pules, no matter how crazily the melodies dance.

In yoga, we root ourselves with the breaths, no matter how our limitation is being challenged.

In life, we entrenched ourselves with our own truth, no matter how the lies from outside world sweet talk to us.  

06 October 2014

Winter challenge: Breaking the pattern. Do something different.

In between the months from the previous post, hitting the Autumn of " battery running low" level.

Just at the moment, i chose to let go and cut down some classes so to keep myself in balance--- very glad to gain some understanding from my decisions.

Everyday, we face waves of challenges to test every aspect of ourselves-- But not everyday we get that wisdom to solve them, so we tend to put them aside.
With the accumulation of issues piling up, i feel the suffocation.

I wanted to go away to somewhere, anywhere.

Once my teacher told me bluntly-- The seed of the problem will still bear its fruits wherever i go. What are you running away from?

I didn't understand him at all, i kept that in mind though.
Running away. Is the easiest way, but that's not the way out. It took me awhile to realized that.

2014 has been rather transformative for me personally, many things that i didn't or refused to understand from previous years, i conclude that it is time to put a stop to all those struggle to try to make things right.

I'm going to do something about it!

Quoting from Kino Macgregor :

" If you try to hold a thought, or a person you are trying to change in an antagonism relationship, you are actually creating more of the same energy of the same. So we have to break that pattern." 

We will never be able to change and control what's outside of us, BUT we can always start to creating a healthy pattern with ourselves to break the pattern that causes unhappiness. 

" Be the change you want to see in the world." that's what Mahatma Gandhi, yeah!

Yes, honestly, the demanding yoga practices of Ashtanga has definitely play a huge role of the many things I'm doing with my life.
Emotionally, i do feel the strength of being a little less wavering & gaining a little more clarity within.

2014 has been extremely meaningful for me, initiating a few steps forward to break off all my doubts to explore Sea Turtles Projects in Bali yay!

Next would be visiting a country that i never desire to go to, Shanghai-- but i decided to keep my mind as open as possible.

Having great companies did play a huge part of me appreciate every little thing and moment i'm was in-- never deny any opportunity to love something.

I love this! That my friends were so spontaneously played with me:)
We all cross path to learn from one another:)
Never forget to fulfill your dreams while working hard for life, and share them with others too!
This winter will be something i extremely looking forward to-- heading to Mysore for couple of months for practice with Sharath.

Practice, eat, nap, eat, sleep & repeat---

Planning aside a block of time to de-clutter whatever are inside,
doing nothing as being such luxurious,
back to basic & simplicity--- the time i sort of what's the next step i wanna take in life:)

20 July 2014

For the students whom we open and close the practice with Chants:)

I decided to introduce opening & closing mantra to a group of students fairly new to the Ashtanga practice yesterday. However tongue- twisting it may be presented at our tongues, I was glad that they were very open to give it a try and sing along with me.

Mantra, is one aspect that draws me into the practice, i love how the vibration we created can really  centre my mind, and the resonant after gives an amazing feeling of calmness. 

The concept of singing the opening chant is a great to platform to withdraw any external distractions and get drawn into our centre-- before starting the practice.

Personally, though i may not understand completely the real meaning of each verse

due to the language barrier of Sanskrit--- English translation however only offers a very surface explanation of the mantra;

I take upon the chance to thank the many previous teachers along the lineage who relentlessly passing down the knowledge for over the centuries till today---

Patanajli ( the sage name that appear in the opening mantra, is believed to the the first person who created the yogic knowledge that makes applicable throughout the years of generations--- on the book of Yoga Sutra)  so that we get the chance to learn and be in touch with the practice for our well-being. 
While after the physical practice, the closing mantra plays a good role as the closure of all those self- exploration, emotions roller- coaster and self- confrontation that happens during that 1.5hr to 2hrs hard work. 

It sets as a gentle reminder and appreciation for ourselves of making the time, space and effort to be in the practice, and for the craves of the self-knowledge. Always be grateful for the opportunity to be on the mat. 

The very first year when i started attending yoga classes in a big yoga studio in Singapore, the teacher would lead us into an "Aum" before starting the class. Which i loved it how it sets us in the right attitude after all those hectic rush and stress from work. 

Thereafter, the teachers stopped this practice instructed by the management, as some members were not comfortable with it. I felt a little disappointed of course and ridiculed by the discomfort. 

For those who were not comfortable could choose not to join in the "Aum" and wait for the rest; respecting the ancient practice, instead of stopping everyone from it just because of personal mental imbalance. 

It was a little saddening to me personally, because then the idea of yoga practice becomes so physical and concept of exercises ( which is definitely not)--- the contortion of the underlying purpose of the practice continues as the whole system was broken down into pieces. 

Soon after, i was drifting away from commercialize classes, because they no longer able to feed me answers for my questions other than on a very physical level. 

Now, as being a yoga teacher myself, that gave me a motivation to bring the connection of the physical ( asana)  practice and the more philosophical part of the practice to my students--- along with asana, we need to go beyond and understand the intention of the yogic system.