22 December 2014

"Constructivity". Constructive Activity.

It had just passed midnight, and my plan to sleep was a flop. I just got myself a body scrub of ground coffee & coconut oil, i am wide awake if the caffeine is working through my skin pores right now. 

From my bedroom window, i can still hear my local neighbours having a serious conversation for the past one hour, and still going strong... The dogs in our neighbourhood seems like having a gang-meeting every night howling their trash out...( i'm adjusting to it).
Cheers to Moon day tomorrow, i can afford to stay up late. 

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone that time is lost by itself? That's probably the most beautiful moment that i appreciate. I call this moment of vacuum--- tick-tocking loses its presence, and everything we are engaging in is simply in the present. 

For this, i have to agree with Mitch Albom "  I prefer clocks broken." in his book The Time Keeper. 

Constructive engagements.
This is probably my intention for this trip to Mysore. 
For sure i am different person today, as compared to who i was when i first came to Mysore in 2009.

As Sharath mentioned in one of his yoga conference, " Everyone comes to Mysore with different reasons and intentions." I agree. 
My underlying intentions in each trip i made changes as i grow over the years. 

Earlier, it was more of exploration, fun and exciting. This time, i feel different--- i want to laser beam into my practice and learning to be appreciative with the whole experience and the relationships i build here. 

I become selective for whatever i am putting my energy into. 
Constructive engagements i call.
Activities and conversation that may grow me into a better person than i am now. 
Share with me something that i don't know, i'm interested to know. 

Yes, i do meet some great people here who build conducive relationships to create positive ripples. Some practice yoga, and quite a big handful do not--- something that i really love about. 

You can't be without people. You can't be with people~ Sadhguru 

I'm very pro to the idea of being able to invest some time alone for ourselves. 
That's the time when most external distractions quieten down, the silence seeps into us and we listen to our own voice. 

I'm a people person but first i learn to check out what kind of person i am---- 
That happens when i spend enough time knowing myself.
Because, i do not wish to having friends as being each other hole-fillers. 

I prefer friendships and relationships that nurture one another a better person that we first met:)

21 December 2014

If i am the author of my life, which i am.

If life is a book , what story will yours be?

If i am the author of my life, which i am;
I want my book to be un-catagorised.
In some pages that will be words;
Other pages contain photos, pictures and drawings.

If i am the author of my life, which i am;
In those words that hold timeless messages, that can be read and re-read many times through generations.
There, i will pen down some silly moments that can lift up some spirits.

If i am the author of my life, which i am;
With collections of travelogues as encouragement to explore the world of foreign lands;
Not forgetting a life-long exploration of the inner world, that is utmost important.

If i am the author of my life, which i am;
It would not be a dictionary.
There may not have the most interesting stories, but surely not the boring ones.

If i am the author of my life, which i am;
I shall be the one holding the pen, and writing it from now.
Down the years, i would then be able to read those stories to my children and grandchildren;
Not a day the stories i shall be sharing is the same, every moment is different.

17 December 2014

3rd Week in Mysore: In & About

Days kind of glide pass quickly, and its already my 3rd week in Mysore. What's the best thing i do without--- watch. 

Back home, i could throw quick glances at times from various places--- my watch ( if i'm wearing on on that day), the clock on my mobile, the clocks in the train station and the digital ones on the screen.

I literally could feel " chasing after time".

For the past 3 weeks, besides keeping track of the strict schedule of my yoga practice at the shala--- i basically breeze through my days feeling " on time all the time"--- vinyasa---- everything in synchronisation. 

Growing up in a bustling small city, it took me about 1 week to settle in for the many " waiting" moment. Waiting: to get a mat space ( 1- 1.5 hrs), for the food, for the electricity to power up ( they had improved, power trips in less now).... which did took a while for my patience to settle in. 

This trip, less of " Out & About"... rather more of " In & About".

Why make so much effort to Mysore when i could have get my practice done back home?
I have to say, because it does make a huge difference. If you have been to Singapore, you may have experience how overwhelming distractions can be.

I'm still on a long road of the learning journey, i'm brutally honest that my absorption ability is greatly limited.
Injecting myself into the community in Mysore for short-term, carrying an intention to travel further and deeper into the other untouched corner of my inner world.

Does it worth the effort making a trip to Mysore, while stopping the flow of income and comfort?
Why do yoga,  its way too difficult? The practice is demanding, the poses are crazy... why bother doing it?

Those who were seen dancing 
were thought to be insane by
those who could not hear the music.

I particularly love this sentence by Friedrich Nietzsche. For we who understood, do not bother to further explain. For those who don't understand, any explanation would be redundant. 
Life is just self-explanatory. We don't talk through it, we experience. 
We don't choose either the easy or difficult task. We choose to do the right thing.
Picking the right thing neither necessarily is challenging nor easy--- its taking the next step that creates ripples of love ( not fear). 

I was reading this page by Malcolm Gladwell--- while he was exploring the idea of " desirable difficulties."  
In it, he mentioned that " to overcome a hurdle, we will overcome it better when we are force to think a little harder."

Whether we are talking about the " disgustingly challenging" poses planted through the whole yoga sequence; or in life...
When we spend a little more effort and a little more time for a moment, we are receiving better chance of making a right choice for ourselves. 

We have all the time in the world to do the things we find meaning in doing.
We've no time to spare for the things we don't connect with. 

I guess in the relativity of time, we all experience this... always. Don't you?