08 November 2015

A story: A box of Ferrero Rocher

Does anyone of you like chocolate? I like.
Besides satisfying my sweet-tooth, chocolate reminds me of story from my school day.

A box of Ferrero Rocher 

Mr Simon Lim was my POA ( Principle of Accountancy ) teacher in my final year of high school. As the exam date got closer, we were anxious, so did the teachers.
Mr Lim was probably one unpretentious teacher i ever met. 

His lanky physical was clothed with his usual fashion--- prim & proper.
Off white long sleeves shirt; he left one button opened showing his Adam's apple.
Well pressed dark brown trousers matched with a clean soft leather shoes. 

Small face roofed with a thin, sleek & carefully side parted hair. 
In a composed manner, he would walked into the classroom carrying
an unbranded grey shopping plastic bag. 
He gently put down his " briefcase" on the table with confidence;
took out the textbook and started the class.   

A man with a retro fashion sense.

Once, he took out a box of Ferrero Rocher, we got so excited.
" See this box of chocolate?" 
He extended his arms 45 degree upwards like a magician.
Carefully, he opened the lid, and asked the naughtiest boy to take a piece.

Once the boy lifted off a piece from the box, his expression changed,
" So light! Its empty inside! I got tricked!"

The boy took another piece randomly and exclaimed,
" Teacher you bluffed me! No chocolate, only wrapper!"

Satisfied with the outcome, Mr Lim laughed, we laughed, the boy laughed too.
Shortly, he resumed to his poker face and said,

 " Student, do you want to be like this empty box when you enter into the exam hall?
Do you want to not know what to give when you have not put anything into your head?
Please study, so you can enter the exam hall with a box full of sweetness and confidence."

Decade years from then, i would still remember what Mr Lim had said whenever i see a box of Ferrero Rocher. I have past the days of studying and exams papers-- to many tests in life. 

The difference is...
 In school, we learned the lessons before the test.
In life, we learned the lessons after the test.

" Sometimes in life, your situation will keep repeating until you learn your lesson... 
i guess in most times are like that."


30 October 2015

A good teacher would probably never be a popular one.

I was having some discussions with some friends about work- related topic;
and i blurted out a thought:  

A good teacher would probably never be a popular one. 

Yeah, they are probably those who push all the buttons of the students;
Annoy them or even make them cry;
Challenge their every act and decision;
And make them feel so unsure and uncomfortable about themselves.... first.

But! They are also probably those who are ready to take all the sh*t from the students;
Being there through the tides and show them how to manage their own personal issues;
Encourage them to be strong enough not to fall easily into conformity;
And allow them to have their own space and watch them flourish in their own skin as awareness expands.

I have seen enough to make me realize that i don't need to please everyone and make everyone happy. Practicing truthfulness ( satya) is the least i can do for the students.

17 September 2015

Too fast, too furious--- and I feared.

I am afraid, of moving forward to fast.

This is the second time i had this feeling.
The previous one was about 5 years ago, it took a tour somewhere;
and came back to me again. Today.

Is there something wrong with me? Progressing no doubt is a good thing.
But there is a strong nudge towards an unknown, calling out for a change.

After i had a talk with my teacher, James on what's next?
I'm kind of excited and scared-- A long train of thoughts running in my head.
I was feeling really restless of no particular reason-- and took a leisure walk by myself around to let out some gas.

I am afraid, of moving forward to fast.
That i couldn't catch a breath to enjoy the leap. 

Surely, i don't like to stay in this bubble of uncertainties--- but i guess it put me just on the right spot for self-confrontation. That I don't eventually self-sabotage the plan. Again.
When the change is not an idea anymore.
When the change is appealing for an execution.
When the change is so ready to take flight ( and I'm not sure if i am too).
I freaked out. ( yet still hungry for it).

I recite my dreams every night before i sleep.
I think about it every now and then as i walk down the streets.
And things are taking shape slowly, calling out for the need of adaptability---
Now that all i feel is hopeful & afraid. 

So shall be it.